Bodybuilding for Females

Here is everything you need to know as a female bodybuilder, regarding weight training, cardio workout, nutrition and supplements.

Bodybuilding for females is a lot different than males because the female body produces half or even less than the testosterone hormones produced by males. This hormone is mainly responsible to gain muscle mass in men, and because women have just a fraction of it, hence they do not have the hormonal support for building muscles as easily and rapidly as a man can. The female bodybuilding stars gain that kind of body after years and years of hard work and a particular lifestyle, but gaining lean muscle mass is definitely possible for you.

There are techniques of bodybuilding specifically for women, by which you can burn calories, which will make you look lean, and all the fat from your tummy and other body parts will burn away, that will let you get more muscle definition and a very well-toned body. To reach your fitness goals efficiently, you will need to set a routine with a clear purpose and definition. Determining what exercises you will be doing, how many reps and sets of each exercise will you do with lifting weights, will help you achieve your goal.

Weight Training:

One of the most fundamental steps for bodybuilding is weight-training. You cannot wander from one machine to another in the gym hoping to build the right body, instead, you will need to do the right sets and reps of exercises that will help you burn the most of body fats and help you gain muscle definition. Initially, you will have to start with lifting lighter weights and doing fewer repetitions and smaller sets of each exercises, but with time you will consistently progress and intensify your training for a perfectly toned body with enough muscle mass. To help you with a proper weight training for bodybuilding, here is a 12-week weight training program that will help you strengthen your muscles, improve your muscle size, and condition them.

Weight Training Format:

The general format of this weight training is to start with warm up, activation movement, prime movement, assistance work, and conditioning. Your workout should always start with body warm-up to activate your muscles, increase blood flow, and prepare your nervous system for providing flexibility required for the exercise that follows. Next comes activation movement for the targeted body muscles for speed and mobility which is a movement done in reps. The prime movement is done for muscle strength which will require you to perform sets of repetitive movements, here you will be using weights. Prime movements should be heavier than assistance movements which are done to add shape to your muscles. The last format of this workout is to do cardiovascular training for heart health and fat-burning. On each day of weight training, you will be doing high-intensity cardio workout interval training, and for one day each week, you will be doing low-intensity cardio workouts. For doing this kind of tough training, you will need to supplement your body with CrazyBulk to aid in your workout routine by adding muscle mass so that your weight training targets the muscles you are trying to build.


The food you eat, will have a crucial role and an obvious impact on your fitness goals, hence it is important to be mindful of your body’s needs when it is going through weight training so that your diet supports your goal and works in harmony with your exercises to achieve your fitness goal.  The food we consume, is made up of a combination of carbohydrates, fats, and protein, which are collectively called macronutrients.


Proteins are one of the macronutrients that are made of amino acids, and are a key component for building lean muscles. best legal steroids that work As an active individual, your daily protein intake should be one gram per pound of your body weight. You can take it from different sources of protein-rich food over the course of each day. Some of the foods rich in protein are eggs, lean meat, milk, yogurt, nuts, soy, and beans etc.


Fats, another macronutrient, are also essential for bodybuilding except for trans-fats that are artificially added in processed food to increase their shelf life, and are very harmful for your bodybuilding goals and overall health too. So, you should avoid everything that labels hydrogenated oil, and add the good fats to your diet. Omega-6 and omega-3 are the most important types of fats that your body will need for muscle building. You can obtain good fats from avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, and butter extracted from the milk of grass-fed cattle.


Carbohydrates are also an important part of your diet when you are trying to build your body’s muscles for fitness, but it is best to keep your carbs intake along with a bodybuilding supplement like Crazy Bulk so that you do not end up piling fats on your body, especially around your waistline. The complex carbs take longer time to digest and keep you feeling fuller for a longer period, and are the preferred type of carbs but when you are doing extensive training for building muscles, you need simple carbs as well, to provide your body with instant energy.