Six Effortless Ways to Wave All the Fat and Flab Goodbye!

When losing weight is concerned, we all have a lot of patience, as much as in a situation where we’d be stuck in traffic when we’re already late for work (that remark was plain sarcastic, if you didn’t already realize)! But in all seriousness, to achieve your goal faster than you intend forget about the crash diets and weight loss pills.

The real effort begins when you put in all you have; all that strength, all that perseverance and determination. Exercise is the fastest way to shed weight; it is scientifically proven. Nothing works better than sweating it out.

There will be a million diets which will let you lose weight instantly but at the same time the whole notion becomes unrealistic when you gain that weight back because let’s face it: you really can’t diet all your life. If you think you can, and then think again. Not only are you lying to us but also yourself. So forget about the silly diets which never really work and opt for weight loss pills instead.

Take these six expert tips from us to bade farewell to that extra layer of skin!

  • Embrace the panda inside you: SLEEP

Taking into consideration a famous study from the Annals of Internal Medicine, its findings mentioned how individuals who slept for eight and a half hours every night lost twice as much weight as those who slept for five and a half hours; keeping in mind that all of them had the same food intake and work out routine.

This happens because when you’re sleeping, your appetite hormones are under observation and you wouldn’t just wake up craving your favourite foods.

  • Breath in and breath out

If you’re an over thinker, if you’re over worked or even if you’re under some sort of stress then this will halt your weight loss goals. It is proven that when you’re tensed, then the cortisol levels in your body rise, which makes your body save fat to secure itself.

Not only that some people indulge in stress eating without really realizing. You might be putting on all those calories and losing count at the same time. So keep yourself relaxed and take part in deep heavy nasal breathing.

  • Munch on

Eat more often. Take small meals but after every three to four hours. This has impacts on your body through a psychological process because when you eat frequently, you’re keeping your stomach full at all times. You don’t feel those hunger pangs which would result in irrational food choices and this way you wouldn’t even over eat.

Divide your meals in such a way that half your plate has fruits and veggies, quarter contains lean protein while the remaining has poultry food. These kind of foods are rich in nutrients which slow digestion and absorption in the stomach. This in turn will reduce the amount of calories you consume leading to weight loss.

  • Mix those proteins, carbs and fat (YES, this in particular)

Make sure that every meal you have is thirty-five percent protein, thirty percent carbohydrates and the remaining percentage goes to fat. You may think why does fat need to be present there?  Believe us, it is extremely essential!

It doesn’t mean that you can eat any types of proteins, carbs and fat, but make sure that you reduce through healthy foods such as fish, nuts, beans, whole grains, eggs and chicken. This particular mix will help you lose weight faster than you can ever imagine.

  • Indulge in strength training

If you don’t already know, muscle mass impacts your metabolism in a positive manner by increasing it. When you work on your muscles through weight training you lose those extra calories much quicker. So in order to maximize your muscle mass take part in three to four sets of exercises such as bicep curls, squats, bench presses, lunges and triceps pull downs.

Do this twice or thrice in a week, taking a minutes break in the middle covering twelve reps each. As you become more regular increase the weights and sets to see better changes and lose weight faster.

  • Pick up pace with interval training

This refers to high intensity interval training, commonly known as HIIT. It comprises of small but intense and greater energy extracting exercises with faster periods of recovery and rest in between. The more intense your work out, is the shorter break you will get in between each set. This is an extremely effective way of losing weight because as you perform these exercises because of the greater load your heart rate increases which naturally challenges your metabolism and makes you lose weight faster. Try this: a twenty seconds intense exercise followed by a ten seconds rest.

These six magical tips are the way to live life!